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Why are eyebrows so important? 

Often considered the most important facial feature, eyebrows frame your eyes and draw attention to this part of the face. Without brows eyes can seem to disappear. Correctly shaped and positioned brows can transform your look and help you to achieve a more youthful appearance. An eyebrow can be recreated 'hair by hair' when there is little or no natural hair present, or when there is hair present, can help to make this more enhanced and defined.


How will permanent make-up benefit me?

Clients visit Carly for many different reasons:

  • They have no eyebrows at all, after years of plucking or due to a medical condition
  • Their eyebrows are patchy or sparse in areas and lack definition
  • They have a good amount of eyebrow hair, but it is unruly and out of shape, again requiring definition
  • They wish to create perfectly groomed brows, without needing to draw them on or worry about wiping them off!

Clients benefit from our extensive research, training and experience. 
A bespoke approach is taken to every client to ensure that optimum results are achieved. 

"Today my expectations were exceeded. My eyebrows are simply amazing. Carly takes the time to talk to you about the look you want and doesn't just follow your years of 'inexperienced pencilling'. I can't stop looking at my new brows!!"

Julie Migliara

Eyebrow redesign

Complimenting your natural features, your eyebrow shape will be designed, and subtle, effective pigment colours selected to achieve your desired result. Various techniques are used, including three dimensional hair by hair stroke with shading and soft colour blush to determine a natural looking result