Thinking of booking a skincare treatment?

Suitability for skincare treatments:

  • Please inform the clinic if you are pregnant or breast feeding
  • If you have an aspirin allergy you are unable to have certain treatments, it is important you make the clinic aware of this
  • Treatments can not be carried out if you have active coldsores or open wounds on your face
  • Roaccutane users must have ceased this medication at least 1 year prior to treatment
  • Please inform the clinic of a nut allergy or any other allergies prior to booking
  • Please inform the clinic if you are being treated for any systemic or autoimmune disease - GP consent will be required prior to treatment
  • Please inform the clinic if you are currently using products with active ingredients, particularly glycolic, salicylic or lactic acids, retinol or benzyl peroxide,
    if so you will be advised accordingly.

General Tips & Advice

  • Reduce toxins (alcohol, processed food, chemicals), drink more water (aim for 2 litres per day) and get more sleep! If you smoke - try to give up - smoking depletes oxygen at cellular level, a major factor in ageing skin, causing a dull, lifeless look.
  • Use home care recommended to you, this will have been specifically chosen to address your skin issues – do not mix with other brands
  • Ageless products are active and work at cellular level to correct, prevent and nourish the skin – if using anything from this line you may notice changes in your skin as you become acclimatised. It is important to introduce these products slowly. Start 2 x per week and gradually increase. The following are considered normal and may last a few weeks into usage;
    • tingling on application
    • tightness or feeling of dryness
    • mild shedding
    • mild irritation
  • Do not shave, exfoliate or use depilatory cream for 2 weeks post treatment
  • Avoid the following for 1 week pre and post treatment
    • facial waxing
    • sun exposure
    • retinol products
  • Avoid using products containing AHA’s/BHA’s 3 days pre and post treatment

Skincare Aftercare

  • Peels +

    • Skin may feel tight for a couple of days after your peeling treatment. This is a positive result. Some skins may also notice some mild shedding. These changes can occur up to 7 days post treatment • Do not pick, peel, or scratch shedding skin • Avoid sun exposure during a course of peels, particularly between hours of 11 and 3 • Use sun protection minimum SPF30 every day. Apply every 2 hours in constant sun exposure (i.e on holiday)
  • Microneedling/metatherapy +

    • Use aftercare cream provided • No make up for 24 hours • Remember skin is open and at risk of infection for 4 hours post treatment – do not touch
  • In addition; if your treatment included AQ Recovery Serum +

    Do not wash or get your face wet for 24 hours
  • Nanocurrent Technology (A-Lift) +

    • Avoid make up for 24 hours • Avoid sun for 24 hours • Avoid heat treatments (sun beds, sauna, or steam) for 24 hours • Drink plenty of water
  • Possible side effects - A-Lift +

    • Tiredness due to toxin release • Muscle or head aches due to lymph drainage • Erythema due to increased circulation
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